Stay Active with Hambone: Tinfoil River Race


Hey! Hambone here, and I’m pumped for summertime. Every Tuesday I’ll share some of my favorite ideas for the whole family to stay active while having tons of fun this summer. Who’s in?


This tinfoil river is sure to entertain and have the little ones racing items down the “river” for hours. I like to race the boats shown, but feel free to encourage the family to experiment with sticks, grass, leaves, walnut shells, tinfoil boats—you name it!



River Items:




River Instructions:

  1. Unroll a large piece of tinfoil on your lawn or driveway. The foil’s length is how long the river will be.

  2. Fold up the edges on both sides to ensure it holds water.

  3. Turn on the hose so it trickles from the top. Keep in mind too much water pressure will go over the river’s edge. That’s it!


3. Stay Active with Hambone_Pic1


Boat Items:  

(in place of boats, use leaves, walnut shells, etc.)

Bottle caps

Scrap paper


Glue (or tape)



3. Stay Active with Hambone_Pic2


Boat Instructions:

  1. Cut scrap paper into triangle sails. Make sails on the smaller side, as they may get too top-heavy for the boat’s base.

  2. Glue the edge of the triangle and wrap it tightly around the toothpick.

  3. Kids-friendly option: Plop some clay or Play-Doh onto a flipped bottle cap and stick the toothpick into the clay. Alternate option: If the clay gets wet and weighs down the boat, hot-glue the sail in place.


3. Stay Active with Hambone_Pic3


You’re all set to start racing! Kids will love to see which items float and sink, and the different speeds they travel. Plus, it’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors and put that extra energy to use.


I hope you enjoyed this week’s Stay Active with Hambone! Share your favorite summer outdoor activities, and come back next week for more summer fun. Before I go back to doing laps on my hamster wheel, I’ll race you outside.


On your mark …


Get set …




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h/t: The Joys of Boys


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