Stay Active with Hambone: Laser Beam Obstacle


Glad to see you again! Remember, I’m Hambone, and I’m here every Tuesday with suggestions for you and your family to stay active and have fun all summer long.


Today’s activity is one of my faves, and I hope soon it’ll be one of your favorites too. It’s also a cool way to stay entertained on a rainy day.


If you’ve ever dreamed of being a super spy (who hasn’t, amiright?), get ready for your dreams to come true and for your agility to be tested.


Let’s do this!  


Here’s your mission…


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— 10 yards of string (9.144 meters)

— Tape

— A basket or box of objects, or “treasure” (your choice!)


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  1. Secure string end to wall or other stationary object.

  2. Zigzag string at varying heights down a hall with tape, or wind it around anchor points (door knobs, furniture, etc.).

  3. Secure string to goal destination where “treasure” is located.


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For the ultimate spy game, encourage each family member to create a backstory for their spy persona. What are their code names? Is the treasure they’re searching for guarded by a furry, spitting creature (i.e.: an adorable pet that likes to give sloppy kisses)?


Whatever the adventure, the mission is to retrieve the treasure at the end of the obstacle without triggering the “laser beams” and return it to the maze’s start.


To increase the level of difficulty, have players race against a clock, introduce additional obstacles to avoid (boxes, cushions…), add objects to retrieve mid-route, or add bells to the laser string to create an “alarm” which is easily set off.


There’s no wrong way to be a faux spy!


Complete the mission as a family and let us know how it went by commenting below. I hope to see you next week for more Stay Active with Hambone tips!


This is Hambone, signing off.


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h/t: My Kids’ Adventures


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