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Active Egg Hunt


Hambone, here! This Tuesday’s activity has an easy setup and is a fun way for the entire family to exercise together without even realizing it.


This game is part scavenger hunt, part exercise, and 100 percent fun!


Here’s what you’ll need to have your very own Active Egg Hunt…


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— Paper

— Pen

— Scissors

— Plastic eggs



  1. Cut paper into strips small enough to fit inside the plastic eggs.

  2. Write different actions on each slip of paper.

  3. Stuff each egg with one action and hide eggs around the house or outside.


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“Action” Ideas:

— Touch your toes 5 times

— Crab walk around the couch

— Jump as high as you can 10 times

— 5 stomps

— Dance like a ballerina

— Sing ‘Head and Shoulders’

— 10 jumping jacks

— Sing the alphabet while skipping around the room

— March in place for 25 seconds

— 5 burpees

— 5 sit-ups

— Dance like a maniac!


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Send the kiddos on an exciting scavenger hunt in search of the eggs. The game’s goal is to get the players moving, and it’s the perfect indoor activity when it’s too cold or damp to run around outside. It’s also a lot of fun for everyone to open the eggs.


As players find eggs, they should read the action and do what it says. To keep everyone involved (and active!) each action can be done as a group. Another way to play is to have the individual that found the egg do the action.


Active egg hunts can be a quick game to get the heart pumping, or it can be extended into a longer full-body workout. The game is complete once all of the eggs have been found.


How did your family enjoy the Active Egg Hunt? Share your experiences in the comments below! This is Stay Active with Hambone, signing off.


h/t: No Time for Flashcards

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