Crafts with Nightcat: Mess-Free Finger Painting


Hi, friends! You can call me Nightcat. I like balls of string and snuggling. Each Thursday I’ll be offering a cool craft idea for you to do with the whole family.


First up is a fun, no-mess finger painting activity that can be reused over and over again. Mess-free finger painting? Yes, it’s real. No paw-washing required!




— Ziplock freezer bags

— Paint (alternate options: add food coloring to shampoo or hair gel)

— Masking or painter’s tape

Optional: White paper


5. Crafts with Nightcat_Pic1



  1. Squirt a color or two of paint (or alternate substance) into a Ziplock bag. Freezer bags work best, since they’re more durable. Seal the bag, making sure to remove all of the air first for painting ease.

  2. For contrast, add white paper under Ziplock bag. Tape edges of the bag down to the surface. Watch the little ones draw!


5. Crafts with Nightcat_Pic2


This is a creative way for children to mix colors, make handprints and draw—all without getting a drop of paint on their fingers.


As a precaution, I suggest washable paint in case the bag breaks. You’d never guess the strength of a toy car’s tire until it rolls over a sealed bag of paint!


5. Crafts with Nightcat_Pic3


For a cool twist, instead of drawing over white paper on a counter, secure the bag to a clear door or window.


Personally, I love that the bags are easily removable when company comes over, and reusable again and again.


Share your favorite family-friendly crafting past time in the comments below, and be sure to check back next Thursday for more Crafts with Nightcat!


h/t: The Hippie Housewife


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