Crafts with Nightcat: Rock Candy


This Thursday’s Crafts with Nightcat combines a lot of fun: crafts, science and candy!


Rock candy is easy to make and is also a cool experiment for kids to learn some science while enjoying a tasty treat.


Your family will love checking on the rock crystal growth each day. Plus, the end result is yummy, homemade candy!


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— 3 cups of sugar

— 1 cup of water

Skewers or candy sticks

— Jar or glass

— Large saucepan

— Clothespins

Optional: Food coloring

Optional: Candy flavoring


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  1. Combine equal parts sugar and water into the saucepan and heat until sugar dissolves.

  2. Slowly add sugar is small amounts until it no longer dissolves in the water. Water will look cloudy.

  3. Add optional candy flavoring. Continue to heat water until it comes to a simmer.

  4. Remove sugar-water from heat. While it cools, cut skewers to fit inside the jar.

  5. Dip sticks in water and roll them in sugar. Allow sugar-coated sticks to dry.

  6. Once the sugar-water is cool, pour it into the jar. Add optional food coloring.

  7. When sticks are completely dry, place them in the jar. Use clothespins to make sure sticks do not touch the bottom or sides of the jar.


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Keep in mind, the sugar to water ratio is about 3:1, so you can easily double or triple the ingredients to make a whole rainbow of rock candy.


This tasty experiment is fun for kids to check on daily. It should take a week for the rocky candy to grow a good amount, but they can be left longer too. After the week or so is up, place the candy on a plate to dry and then you’re all set. Enjoy!


If you want to teach the family about the science behind the candy, check out the explanations here, here and here.


Was your rock candy experiment a success? Share your family’s experiences in the comments below. Thanks for following Crafts with Nightcat!


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