Crafts with Nightcat: Moldable Sand Dough


It’s Thursday and that means I’ve got another purrr-fect Crafts with Nightcat for you.


This one goes out to all the aspiring sculptors out there. It’s also great if you just want to play around with some next-level, mess-free sand!


Yep, moldable sand dough, or “sticky sand,” is a cool craft you can build and shape. It also vacuums up easily, so it’s a quick clean-up. Plus, it sticks to itself, but not to skin!


Here’s how to make your own sticky sand…





— 5 cups of play sand (Tip: Home Depot sells large quantities for under $5)

— 3 cups of all purpose flour

— 1 cup of vegetable oil

— Container





  1. Combine all ingredients in container.

  2. Mix well. That’s it!




Once you’ve gotten the ingredients all mixed up, add beach-themed items—buckets, shovels, sea shells, etc.—for even more fun.


Moldable sand dough will last all summer long when it’s stored in a covered bin or container between play times.


What did your family sculpt with the homemade sand dough? Share your Moldable Sand Dough experience in the comments below and check back next Thursday for another Crafts with Nightcat!


h/t: Growing a Jeweled Rose

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