Cooking with Charger: Quinoa Pizza Bites


Welcome back to Cooking with Charger! I can’t wait to share this recipe, because it is definitely one of my fave snacks.


This one’s a healthy take on pizza bites, and goes with the popular foodie ingredient—quinoa.


Get ready for the kiddos’ new go-to snack: Quinoa Pizza Bites…


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(yields approximately 18-20)

— 1½ cups cooked quinoa

— 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

1 cup mini pepperonis

¼ cup grated parmesan cheese

1 large egg

1 teaspoon Italian seasoning

½ teaspoon onion powder

½ teaspoon garlic powder



— Mini muffin tin

Mixing bowl

Marinara sauce





  1. Preheat oven to 400°F. Spray mini muffin tin with nonstick cooking spray.

  2. In bowl, combine and mix all ingredients.

  3. Distribute mixture evenly to each mini muffin section and gently press it down.

  4. Bake for 15-20 minutes. Remove from oven and let it cool in pan for 5 minutes.

  5. Remove from pan and serve with marinara sauce.


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An adorable, miniature snack that’s easy for the family to make together. I love how this treat is so customizable; try different variations by adding your favorite pizza toppings.


You can’t really go wrong with a healthy version of pizza bites!


Leftovers can be stored in an airtight container and refrigerated for up to five days, just reheat before serving.


Let us know how your Quinoa Pizza Bites tasted in the comments below. Thanks for checking out this Monday’s Cooking with Charger!


h/t: Live Well Bake Often

Adult supervision required.


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