Adventures with Callie: Geocaching


Hi there, Dreamers! My name’s Callie. I’m a dreamer too, which is why I’ll be suggesting awesome summer adventures for the entire family to do while out and about together.


Every Friday I’ll share my latest adventure recommendation for you to explore over the weekend. This weekend’s activity is inspired by my human-friend, Harper. He’s a big-time dreamer and a treasure hunter!


If your family’s full of young treasure hunters or dreamers of all ages, then we’ve got a treat for you, and it’s free.





— GPS-enabled device



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  1. For the easiest accessibility, download the “Geocaching” app on a GPS-enabled device.

  2. Sign up with an email—remember, it’s free. They’ll send an email requesting you to validate the account.

  3. Once the account is validated, you’re in!


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Search the app’s map for a local scavenger hunt that’s already been prepared by other Geocachers. You’ll be able to see when the search was created and the last time the container was discovered.


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To play, you’ll navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and attempt to find a hidden container. Once you find it, sign the logbook and log your find online. You can even swap out a knick knack with one of your own!


There are different levels of difficulty, so you can start simple and work your way up to the big-league Geocaching hunts. Each destination’s object container will vary in size, so keep your eyes peeled.


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Ever tried Geocaching before? Have a weekend adventure of your own to suggest? Let us know in the comments below, and check back each Friday for our latest Adventures with Callie!


h/t: Geocaching


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