Adventures with Callie: The Perfect Picnic


Good to see you again, Dreamers. I’m Callie, and I’m here every Friday to suggest a fun new adventure for you to go on with your family.


This weekend’s adventure suggestion is an oldie, but a goodie. Plan a classic picnic with an upgraded twist!


The Basics: Food!


A New Twist: Make cute, miniature portions to switch up the usual go-to lunch. For example, a cookie cutter can quickly transform the average sandwich into a new, eye-catching shape for the little ones to enjoy.


Kebab-it: There’s something about adding food to a stick that makes it a more enjoyable eating experience. Make fruit kebabs for a quick, healthy snack that has an easy clean-up.


A Surprise: Now I know you’re not supposed to play with food, but I’m a big fan of the fruit-frog creation. A regular cantaloupe and some fruit salad can suddenly become a conversation piece.


Hand-sized Treats: If you’ve never tried the famous celery/pretzel butterfly, then you’re definitely missing out. To continue the theme, also test out the edible (and adorable) caterpillars and ladybugs here.




Location, Location, Location


The great thing about picnics is that they can be anywhere. Unable to stray too far from home this weekend? Set one up in your own yard, or experiment with an indoor picnic! Live near a beach? Get that beach blanket ready! Personally, I like a traditional park picnic, but the options are endless.


Comfort Essentials


There’s the classic picnic blanket, of course. But have you ever considered bringing pillows? It’s a picnic life-changer. Or bring extra blankets to snuggle up in for added comfort. If you’re someone who likes more support, some beach chairs are the way to go.




Energy-burning Activities


So you’ve made it to your picnic destination and you’re ready to settle in. But wait! The tykes have all this excitement built up. This is where a little planning goes a long way. Be sure to pack activities that are easy to travel (and are sure to tire): jump rope, a frisbee, sports balls, and bubbles.


For close-to-home picnics, or locations where you don’t have to walk too far with heavy items, here’s another cool idea to give a whack at: Water-Balloon-Pinatas!




Low-energy Activities


Once the family has settled down, it’s time to present a few low-key activities. Books are always, always a great idea. Pack a few simple picture books for the toddlers or read-aloud books for the whole family to read together.


If that doesn’t hold attention spans, it’s time for good ol’ coloring on paper. A small pad of paper and some colored pencils, markers or crayons can entertain for a good chunk of time. Or have everyone draw while listening to the story being read aloud. What do they think the characters look like? How different do the characters look from one picture to the other? All of this can be enjoyed while sprawled out across a picnic blanket on the park grass, beach sand, or living room carpet.


Down time


Sunscreen and Bugspray


Don’t forget the absolute essentials: sunscreen and bugspray, depending on where you take this adventure. There’s nothing like a sunburn or a few mosquitoes to ruin an entire day (or weekend), so pack preventative measures.


If you’re not a fan of bugspray or bug zappers, there’s a humane way to rid your picnic goodies of pests. All you need are a few household items. Check out the details here.


You’re all set for the weekend adventure! What are your picnic go-to essentials? Share your picnic experiences in the comments below and I’ll see you next Friday for more Adventures with Callie.



h/t: LifeBuzz, The Crafting Chicks, Smashed Peas and Carrots, and CookPad


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