Adventures with Callie:

Rescue Dogs Movie Night


To celebrate the July 1st streaming release of Rescue Dogs Movie on iTunes, today’s Adventures with Callie is themed: Rescue Dogs Movie Night!


Whether your family prefers a casual movie night on the couch or has access to an outdoor movie projector (or can make a phone into a projector), I’m here to suggest how to have the very best family movie experience this weekend.


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The Movie


Step one? Download Rescue Dogs Movie on iTunes! You can finally bring home the movie that helped find 150+ animals their forever homes through its unique distribution.


To get the full movie-going experience, print movie stubs here and pass them out to each family member before they enter the “movie theater” (your home’s TV room).


The Comforts


Sure, your family most likely has watched a movie at home together before, but have you tried upping the comfort level? Elevate your movie night by incorporating more pillows, blankets and comforters.


Build a blanket fort around the TV for a movie night the kids will never forget.


Blanket Fort


If you’re going for an outdoor screening, fill a small kiddie pool with blankets and pillows for a makeshift couch that’ll keep everyone comfortable and dry.




Try a drive-in theme by crafting these adorable child-sized cardboard cars.




The Food!


I know what you’re thinking—popcorn! Whether it’s made via microwave or stovetop, it should probably be on the list of movie night essentials. For anyone that’s a foodie, here are 25 popcorn recipes to test out.


For a fun interactive element, prepare a self-serve Popcorn Bar. All you need is some popcorn and a variety of toppings to change things up from the norm.




Head over here to print out popcorn boxes to get the full experience.


If you’re more into cupcakes, this popcorn-looking marshmallow cupcake is sure to cure the craving.




Or present your very own homemade concession stand.




How to physically balance all of this deliciousness? Make a movie tray! Pick up plastic caddies from a dollar store and watch as they transform into personalized snack organizers.




Feel free to swap out candy and sweets for healthier options, such as veggies and dip or some of the recipes featured on our Cooking with Charger page.


The Discussion


The fun doesn’t have to stop when the credits start to roll. Make time for the family to discuss the movie. Which characters were favorites? Did everyone learn something from the film?


Having a chat about how the characters handled their fictional situations can be a way to instill your family’s values or encourage children to open up more.


I hope you and your family have a fantastic Rescue Dogs Movie Night! Please share your experiences in the comments below, and let us know how you liked this week’s Adventures with Callie.


Download Rescue Dogs Movie on iTunes today!



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