1Ever since baby girl Nora Hall suffered a stroke, her family’s basset hounds have refused to leave her side.

Nora’s parents were recently forced to make the heart-wrenching decision to turn off the five-months-old’s life support after they learned the stroke caused brain damage and left her in a medically-induced coma.

Nora was at risk of further suffering the longer they kept her on life support, her parents explain.

“The longer we keep her on life support, the higher the chance is that she will suffer an acute crisis such as another stroke, heart attack or organ failure that will take her life,” her mother, Mary Hall, says. “Our hearts are so completely broken. Our world is shattered. We are devastated and ache for our baby girl. We tried so very hard to save her, but it just wasn’t meant to be.”

The Halls have shared many heart-breaking Facebook updates, thanking everyone for the support they’ve shown. A GoFundMe page has even been set up for the family.

As for the family pups, they remain faithfully by Nora’s side.

“They allowed us to have our bassets here in the last couple of days because they are so attached to her,” Mary explains.

She notes that since the dogs have been “very stressed and sad” in the hospital, Mary turned to a Facebook group for advice.

“I was leaning towards sending them away [from her room] so they didn’t get stressed, but after reading so many comments saying to keep them, then I will (the nurses are head over heels with them anyhow).”

Mary Hall wants everyone to know: “We have been praying so hard for a miracle, that we hadn’t realized that it was right in front of us this whole time. Nora IS our miracle.”