Pet photographer, Greg Murray, has captured the photos of your dreams. Behold, dogs eating peanut butter!


“Two years ago I photographed a rescue, Bailey, who just looked sad no matter how happy she was because she was a mastiff,” Murray says. “I wanted to maker her happy, you know. I wanted to get her to drool and hang her tongue out and nothing was really working.”

Enter: Peanut butter.

The Cleveland-based photographer gave the pooch some of the sweet snack.

“And that’s when she really came to life in front of the camera.”  


Soon Murray was photographing his clients’ dogs eating the delicious treat during the slower photography months.

“I wanted to do something to have fun and keep me busy,” he explains.

The photos rapidly became an international sensation and Murray decided to make an entire book filled with smiling pups enjoying peanut butter. The Kickstarter page has nearly tripled its initial goal.


“I like making other people happy,” Murray says. “It means the world to me that people around the world have been laughing and smiling.”

Before you try this at home, be sure to note Murray’s methods.

“I give them all-natural peanut butter that doesn’t have xylitol [a sugar alcohol] in it, and I monitor for any allergies,” he explains. “And I always check the labels. Plus, I only give them a little bit.”