Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 6.19.20 PMOn April 5, a group of tourists visiting the Cultural Centre in Araras, Brazil, heard mysterious meowing.

Apparently a mother cat had placed her four kittens on a roof for safe keeping, but the sweet kitties fell into the nearby drain pipe and were trapped for nearly a week.

The water treatment department had to jackhammer the concrete surrounding the pipes to rescue the babes, and one kitty was so far down that the team had to break the pavement to safe it.

Not only did the group save all of the cats, but they’ve also been rehabilitating them.

“Since we announced the rescue of the kittens on social media, people in the area have donated milk, bottles, medicine and pet products,” says rescuer Ricardo Urbach.

The local vet has given the kitties the health seal of approval and they’ll soon be up for adoption.

You can witness the rescue for yourself here: