“Charger,” star of RESCUE DOGS, pre-fame

Today is National Pet Day! As you might recall, we recently admitted National Puppy Day was one of our favorite days of the year. Well, National Pet Day is definitely in our top favorites too!

Founded in 2006 by animal welfare advocate Colleen Paige, National Pet Day is meant to celebrate the joy pets bring to our lives and to make the public aware about the many animals awaiting forever homes in shelters and rescues around the world.


Co-stars Courtney Daniels and “Charger,” before being cast together in RESCUE DOGS

“When most people think of rescue pets, they immediately imagine a dog or a cat,” animal rights activist and Daily Biscuit founder Courtney Daniels says. “But there are plenty of other rescue animals that need adopting too—hamsters, rabbits, birds, you name it. National Pet Day is about all pets, and the unconditional love they bring into our lives.”

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect pet to come along, the Daily Biscuit a list of adoptable pets ready to be taken home TODAY! What better way to celebrate National Pet Day than to offer a forever home to a rescue animal on April 11th?

National Pet Day founder Paige notes, “All animals are sentient beings that deserve our love and compassion…even not-so-cuddly animals like reptiles and rats. No animal should ever have to suffer, especially at the hands of humans. Millions of unwanted animals perish every day, due to just that…being ‘unwanted.’”

So be sure to visit and/or donate to your local rescue organization today!


Hambone, a RESCUE DOGS fan favorite, is also a real-life rescue animal!