FaithLittle pup Faith wasn’t supposed to live long. She was rescued by an American family living in Ankara, Turkey that regularly volunteered at a local shelter which houses about 4,000 dogs.

Mary and her three daughters, Abby, Anna and Alaina, have always been big fans of animals.When they met Faith for the first time, they were told she had distemper and was dying. The frail sweetheart was barely holding on to life. So, Mary and her daughters decided to bring Faith home to peacefully live out her days with dignity.

Faith warmed to the family and grew stronger and healthier, surprising everyone.

“I thought we were just bringing her out to die in peace,” Mary admits in the video below.

Now, Faith is doing extremely well. Once a puppy unable to walk, she can happily run around with her family.

Mary says, “She definitely knows she’s loved.”