2Queen Anne’s County High School was recently searching for a dog to star in their “Annie” production when they discovered 8-year-old Dahlia.

The director of Animal Welfare League of Queen Anne’s County, Emily Miller, says, “When one of the teachers with the musical sent out an email to her neighbors looking for a dog to use in the play, one of our board members saw the email and immediately thought of using a shelter pet.”

And so, a star was born. Namely, Dahlia the Sharpei mix. The pooch was even featured on local television station WMDT 47’s “Pets on the Plaza.”

To abide by the high school’s regulations, Dahlia had to remain on a leash throughout the play. The cutie was too caught up in the excitement to remain in the spotlight for very long, but when the character of Annie asked Sandy to sit and prove she’s really her dog, Dahlia happily obliged.3

Board member Ginny Williams notes, “We never told the high school that she might be a Pit Bull ‘type’ dog because of the stigma, but we do think that’s part of her mix. I myself had bought into the hype and was afraid of them before I met one, but then I was amazed by what magnificent animals they are.”

Dahlia had been at the shelter for about 2.5 months since her owner surrendered her after losing their home.

Miller describes Dahlia as a “sweet as can be senior shelter dog.”

The day following the school’s production of “Annie,” 70+ year old Marilyn Hooper visited the shelter to meet Dahlia and take her for a walk. Soon Dahlia met Hooper’s rescue cat, Katie, at a home visit.4

Hooper notes Dahlia “had no problem fitting in with Katie.” Dahlia remained with Hooper at her house that day.

Hooper says she looks forward to a “long and happy relationship” with her new furry friend. Her only complaint is that Dahlia “snores, a lot!”

Not only did Dahlia find her forever home, but the shelter also received $183 in donations from the production of “Annie” that the high school had collected.

You can check out Dahlia on the “Pets on the Plaza” segment here: