untitled-22If you’re tired of buying overpriced toys and treats for your fur babies and making frequent trips to the pet store, we’ve found an affordable solution! The Daily Biscuit recently spoke with the operations manager at Pet Gift Box, Alexandra Kazma, about the pawesome things they’re doing for our favorite furry friends.

Pet Gift Box is exactly that—a box of goodies for your dog or cat. The subscription-based service brings a box of fun to your pet pal every month.

“With Pet Gift Box, you’ll save money, give your pet a little extra love each month, and stay within your budget too!” Kazma says.

Each box has an adorable theme representing the season, holiday or event happening that month.

“Last year we had a dinosaur-themed box when Jurassic World came out, and then another box that summer was barbeque-themed,” Kazma says, “That box was really cute. It had a squeaky hot dog and hamburger. There were actual hamburger patty treats and ketchup and mustard treats.”

Kazma has two dogs and a cat, and they are all fans of Pet Gift Box.

“My Australian shepherd, Shelby, loves tearing apart the box when it arrives and pulling out the treats and bringing me the bag of treats to open for her,” Kazma explains. “Ricky, my other dog, lets her do all the work and waits until the treats are open.”

When asked what pets enjoy most about the service, Kazma said it depends on the individual pet and household.

“My dog is primarily about the treats,” she says. “The last cat box I got, my cat was chewing on it and trying to figure out how to get in it, because he could smell the catnip inside.”

Each item is hand selected by Pet Gift Box. They work with several venders and receive sample products to test out with their own pets first, to ensure the high quality of products.untitled-37

“It’s fun to watch pets pick up on how the box arrives for them, and their excitement for their Pet Gift Box to arrive,” Kazma says. “Now any box that arrives to the door, my dog thinks it’s for her. She pouts when she doesn’t get any of the contents in my son’s box.”

The great thing about Pet Gift Box is that there are no large upfront fees. Similar services charge you all at once, but with Pet Gift Box, you’re billed monthly. They even list the retail value of each item in the box you receive.

“You know the value of the box you’re getting, versus what you’re paying for it. You save money!” Kazma notes.

The story behind Pet Gift Box’s origin is that the CEO wanted to create a convenient and affordable way for pet parents to offer their furry friends toys and treats without breaking the bank.

The organization goes beyond being a subscription service. This past December, Pet Gift Box held daily contests throughout the month. Each day there was a different social media contest, whether it was posting a pet pic or voting on a fun phrase, the winner would receive different prizes. Many prizes included selecting a shelter to receive $100. On Christmas day, the winner chose a shelter to receive $500!

“One rescue organization was so involved on social media, they wound up winning $500, even before Christmas!” Kazma notes. “They won five separate times.”

The month-long contest was such a success, Pet Gift Box recently launched #PetGiftGives. Every Friday, they post a contest on Instagram and a separate contest on Facebook, donating $100 in total each week to shelters. It usually involves some sort of voting that continues through the weekend with a winner announced on Monday.

Pet Gift Box hopes the initiative will get rescues excited about their partnership program.

“We have a passion for animal welfare and giving back to the community,” Kazma says.

The Daily Biscuit is excited to announce Pet Gift Box is the official sponsor of Rescue Dogs the Movie. At each of the opening weekend premieres across the country, Pet Gift Box will create a specific code for attendees to receive 50% off their first Pet Gift Box. Additionally, for each code used, Pet Gift Box will donate $15 back to the participating animal rescue group associated with that premiere.

Even if you’re not located near one of the opening weekend events you can use the code, RESCUEDOGS, to receive 50% off your first Pet Gift Box. This code with benefit all participating Rescue Dogs charity organizations.

“We’re excited! We think it’s important for all families to know about the option to rescue or adopt, and a huge part of what we’re doing as a company is giving back to the community rescues and shelters,” Kazma notes. “We don’t want any pet left behind. All these animals deserve a second chance!”


For more information about Pet Gift Box, visit petgiftbox.com or reach out to hello@petgiftbox.com.

Check out rescuedogsmovie.com/screenings/ to find out whether Rescue Dogs the Movie is coming to a theater near you.