1This cutie has been dubbed Mr. Jelly Lord, after a famous jazz pianist. He was rescued by Unleashed in Kansas City when he was put on the euthanasia list due to his serious injuries.

The poor canine was missing half his jaw, his ears were severely disfigured and his puppy paws were raw.

“Anyone can see he has been through horrible treatment,” Rebecca Taylor of Unleashed says.

Right now Jelly is in a foster home and learning basic doggy training. He’s already a big fan of stuffed animals, ice cream, and finally being shown love.

“He thinks he is a lap-dog, and nuzzles into you regardless of time and place,” Unleashed notes. On Facebook they add that Mr. Jelly Lord says, “I may be missing half of my jaw, but my heart is definitely whole!”2

Despite Jelly’s injuries, he will be healthy soon. Rebecca says he “has already forgiven the humans that gave him so much pain,” and is only full of joy.

In a few weeks, Jelly will officially be up for adoption.

“Jelly may look like a dog that has been through horrible abuse. And he is,” Rebecca says. “But we want him to just be able to be a dog, carefree, happy and loved. He deserves that chance.”

If you think Mr. Jelly Lord could be the perfect addition to your family, please fill out an adoption application through unleashedrescue.com and email unleashedadoptions@gmail.com.

“Some would look at Jelly and not want anything to do with him, with us it’s the exact opposite,” Rebecca says. “We know he needs us to help him heal for all the time he was abused and neglected. He also will teach us so much about life and love.”

Follow Mr. Jelly Lord on Facebook and see his progress. We hope Jelly finds his fur-ever home ASAP!