ImageAlthough Rihanna was a bit of an Internet sensation back in 2013—getting her death row rescue story reposted on social media thousands of times—it may be surprising to discover the pup is still up for adoption three years later.

By this time next month though, Second Chance Rescue and Rescue Dogs the Movie intend to have rewritten the end to this story.

To assist in getting Rihanna adopted, Second Chance Rescue has declared her the official mascot of Rescue Dogs the Movie, which premieres in New York City this April.

The family film stars real rescue animals and shows the unconditional love and benefits rescue animals offer their owners. The filmmakers have teamed up with the charity for opening weekend, and Second Chance Rescue will host live adoption events to coincide with matinee showings. The nonprofit group intends to find Rihanna a home by the end of the film’s opening week. Additionally, a portion of the producers’ box office from the week-long run will go directly to Second Chance Rescue.4

Second Chance Rescue and Rescue Dogs the Movie have made it a goal of the film’s opening weekend to ensure Rihanna finally gets adopted. Filmmakers will cover Rihanna’s adoption fee, and her new family will receive support from Allied Dog Training, which Rihanna has attended in the past. Rihanna’s current foster parent is a trainer from Allied Dog Training.

Despite having a truly awful introduction to the world, Rihanna is still a gentle sweetheart. The now five-year-old Pit Bull was initially taken in by the Manhattan Animal Care Center (ACC) in 2013 and mistakenly listed as geriatric at just two years of age. Since the poor pup was underweight, severely bruised, and her teeth filed flat, it’s safe to guess Rihanna had been used as a bait dog for dog fighting.

Due to her physical state, Rihanna was sadly put on the kill list. In the hopes of saving her life, nearly 6,000 Facebook users shared her story, catching the eye of Second Chance Rescue. The New York-based charity quickly came to Rihanna’s rescue, pulling her from ACC and placing her in foster care.2

Three years later, beautiful Rihanna is still waiting for a loving family to welcome her into a forever home.

Rihanna is known for her kind demeanor, always greeting others with adorable hand licks and her heart on her sleeve.

Her foster mom from October 2013 to October 2014, Theresa Zavada, notes Rihanna has conquered her fear of other dogs (a remnant from her presumed time as a bait dog). With respect to Rihanna’s history, Second Chance Rescue would prefer her to be the sole dog in her future forever home. The pup would be happy to live with older children, and would thrive in a cat-free household.

“I have placed all the dogs that she came to me with,” Zavada says. “Rihanna still waits. She is a beautiful dog, inside and out.”

This sweet dog has been patiently waiting to find her perfect match. Thousands rallied to save her life, and now we ask that you share her story to help #RescueRihanna. Let’s finally find Rihanna a good home!

To begin the process of adopting Rihanna, fill out an application with Second Chance Rescue here.