1A year ago Barry Gearhart faced what dog-parents fear the most. His loving Pit Bull, Titan, was stolen out of his truck without a trace.

The West Palm Beach, Florida, resident searched all over his local neighborhoods and posted relentlessly on social media but to no avail. He feared the worst—that he’d never see Titan again.

Finally, a woman contacted Barry. She’d recognized Titan’s photo on the Loxahatchee Lost and Found Facebook page. Barry immediately rushed to the shelter where he was reunited with Titan.

The Pit Bull had been at the shelter for nearly a year. There are no details about Titan’s whereabouts between his abduction and his arrival at the shelter, but he is healthy and thrilled to be back home with his loving pet-parent, Barry.

Barry posted an emotional video of the moment he and his buddy were reunited. We couldn’t be happier that Titan is back with his rightful family!

You can watch the amazing reunion here.