FixNationThe Cat Club Rescue Group, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is on a mission to help the homeless cats of Los Angeles—one cat-paign at a time. The rescue group was founded by Holly Meowy, a cat enthusiast who’s been rescuing kitties since she was six-years-old. The team consists of Holly and her model-friends.

“We’re a new breed of ‘crazy cat lady,’” Katelyn Michele, head of Marketing and Purrmotions at the Cat Club, tells the Daily Biscuit.

“The hipper, trendier cat lady who’s media-savvy,” Holly adds.

The Cat Club uses different avenues, some a bit more unconventional than others, to get the word out about the homeless cat population. They host large events and dress up in cat-themed outfits, all to raise awareness about kitties that need homes.

“We try to cause a scene to get attention for cats to get adopted,” Holly explains, casually throwing a ‘meow’ into the conversation.

Holly notes the Cat Club is a little different from the usual cat rescue organizations. When she first started networking at rescue events, she says, “I kind of didn’t fit in.”

Now, the group dons their cat ears and hits Venice Beach to raise awareness about homeless cats. On a day-to-day basis, the Cat Club pulls cats from kill-shelters and fosters them in their own homes until they can get the felines adopted. The rescue group practices catching and releasing cats as well. They regularly team up with FixNation, the first, full-time spay-neuter facility in Los Angeles, to ensure the cats they find get sterilized and then released back to where they were found.

“Holly is the one who goes out on the street, rescuing stray and feral cats. She will get down on her hands and knees and doesn’t mind getting her designer boots dirty to save a kitty,” Katelyn says. “She turned me on to the whole rescue world.”cat signal

FixNation recruits groups such as the Cat Club to assist with getting more cats spayed and neutered. Collectively, they’ve sterilized over 110,000 cats since 2007.

“I’m kind of on cat-call for trapping,” Holly says. She jokes that a cat-signal is projected into the sky when her trapping assistance is needed.

Their other regular paw-tners include Helping Persian Cats and Pussy & Pooch.

“We all try to team up together,” Holly says, “because it’s a problem everyone needs to be trying to help out.”

Born and raised in Hollywood, Holly is a TV personality whose love for cats has only grown since she was a child. She acts in various television shows to save up money in the hopes of opening a Cat Club facility. She’s even working on a TV show idea that would involve her business paw-tner, Katelyn, and the rest of the Cat Club team. Holly notes that to save cats all day is a dream come true for her.

Meow“I feel like L.A. is becoming so much more no-kill, and because we have a voice online we can get these cats adopted so much faster,” Holly says. “By word of meow-th.”

Their cat-paign last year raised $25,000 for a Catmobile, which will assist the Cat Club in transporting, catching and releasing, and allow for mobile adoptions and pop-up events once it’s up and running. The 1954 vintage Metro Van is getting its finishing touches completed in Texas and once done, there will be a big launch.

“In the back there’s a place for all the cats. People can walk into the cat-mosphere,” the Cat Club explains. “They’ll see the adoptable cats and then fill out an application.” The 501(c)(3) makes sure each kitty goes to a good home.

They note the Catmobile is a step in the right direction, as their ultimate goal is to raise enough funds to open their own rescue facility. Holly, Katelyn and the rest of the Cat Club “Kittens,” currently foster in their homes and are able to help about 20 cats a month, which is impressive for an organization that’s only been around for about a year and completely volunteer-based.

Since spring and summer is known as “kitty season,” with more cats “on the prowl,” the Cat Club explains a facility would allow them to offer their rescuing efforts to many more homeless kitties.

“You can’t save everybody. You try your bestest, but you’re not always able to,” Holly shares. “You have to be a  strong person. It can be heartbreaking.”

Cat Club headquarters is based in Venice. They informed the Daily Biscuit they’re part of several local events this month. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, or “St. Catty’s Day,” the Venice Art Crawl will have a feline adoption event March 17th, hosted by the Cat Club. They are also working with FixNation for the Architects for Animals event on March 10th. Read more about that upcoming cat paw-ty on the Cat Club’s website.

How to become a member of the Cat Club? Holly says, “We just want people that are very cat-mitted to saving cats. They’re willing to come to events, host cats at home, dress up for fun and promote kitties.”

She adds, “We need a cat community. We’re working toward making L.A. no-kill.”

For more information about the Cat Club, check out their website at See them in action in the video below!

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