1One Ohio shelter’s dreams came true when all of their rescue animals found new homes in a single day: 93 animals in 90 minutes!

The County of Summit Animal Control Facility in Akron, Ohio, formerly housed 93 cats and dogs hoping to find their fur-ever homes. Today the facility is empty.

Last week, workers and volunteers organized an animal adopt-a-thon in an effort to find homes for the shelter’s animals.

“The line started at 6:30 in the morning,” facility director Christine Fatheree said. “People brought lounge chairs. By the time we opened at 10, the line was 300-people long.”

It only took an hour and a half before all 93 animals had been adopted into loving homes.

“People were coming from pretty far away and I asked them how they knew about the event. Of course, it was social media,” Fatheree explained.

The center has never had every animal adopted in its history. Amongst these lucky 93 were cats known to be shy and Trixie the dog. A “fat pit bull Tootsie Roll [who is] so sweet but does nothing,” Fatheree joked.

One older couple couldn’t adopt an animal, so they contributed a financial donation to pay for the adoption of the first 50 cats and dogs.

The facility’s workers and volunteers could not be happier.

“It’s not like other jobs where things can be put off,” Fatheree said. “These animals can’t wait. They need homes. To know I was a part of this, it is such a good feeling.”