2Meet Corey, the blind dachshund with a big heart. Corey spent most of his life in a horrible puppy mill, until the Humane Society of the United States rescued him. It’s unclear how Corey lost his vision, but now he’s living a happy live with his loving adopter, Dori. (That’s right, Dori and Corey!)

Despite Corey’s vision impairment, Dori says you’d never know he’s blind. He walks and navigates well, plays with other dogs and doesn’t run into objects.

“He’s very inspiring,” Dori says. “He’s not afraid of anything and he’s always happy.”

Callum, the son of Dori’s close friend Janet, immediately befriended Corey when they first met.

“If you take a dog from a bad place,” Callum explains, “you could change his life in a really good way.”

Callum was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy when he was six-months old; he and Corey have become very close.

“They can also change people’s lives too,” Callum adds, referring to adopting rescue animals. “It’s a really good new life for [Corey]. He’s a happy dog.”

Watch Corey’s transformation in the video below.

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