Cop Dog1Remember when you were really young and you were told to ask a police officer for help if you ever got lost? That’s just what a lost Pit Bull did in Florida yesterday when she got separated from her owner.

Officer Larry Taylor, a rookie at Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, was patrolling in his newly acquired police car when a loose dog suddenly hopped into his passenger seat.

“A dog ran and jumped right in when the door was opened and she made herself all comfortable in his passenger seat,” the Facebook page of Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said.

The sweet pup relaxed beside Officer Taylor while he completed police reports. The dog’s owner was quickly located and reunited with the little smarty.

Public information officer Melissa Bujeda said, “This was a non-aggressive dog looking for a friend. Officer Taylor was able to be that friend while she was hanging out in his car. She was very relaxed and loving every minute of it.”

Cop Dog2

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office/Facebook