Meet Crusoe, the Heinz “spokeswiener.”


Yesterday, you most likely saw the Super Bowl commercial featuring a stampede of dachshunds running through a field toward people dressed as Heinz condiments.

The commercial was filmed in Cape Town, South Africa, and included Crusoe and over 30 of his closest pals. It was a massive shoot, taking place in one day, and required handlers and the presence of every dog owner on set.

The video has been a huge success, and is one of the most-shared commercials of this year’s Super Bowl. But where did the idea originate?


“It’s a really simple idea that pairs two things that people really love to see — one, which is a stampede of wiener dogs, and two, the Heinz brand, which consumers feel a lot of love for,” Michelle St. Jacques, vice president of marketing for condiments and sauces at Kraft Heinz, said.

About five years ago, Crusoe’s owners, Ryan Beauchesne and Laurence Dionne, began a social media page for the Ottawa, Canada, native. The page went viral, and now 6-year-old Crusoe stars in regular videos and even has a New York Times best-selling book.

“The intention behind [the dogs in the commercial] was to do something really visual that could land this metaphor for great taste in a big way and introduce the platform — ‘Meet the Ketchups,’” St. Jacques said. “[Crusoe]’s a perfect spokeswiener because he embodies what we want to talk about, which is certainly the wiener dogs and their love for the brand,” she added.

Crusoe and his wiener pup pals seemed to have accomplished just that.