You might have heard about Lil Bub before, the cat that became an internet sensation in 2012 because of her unique adorable looks, but do you know her whole story?

In July 2011, Lil Bub and the rest of her feral litter were rescued from a tool shed in rural Indiana at just a few weeks old. The rescue group realized Lil Bub would need extra care, as she was born with several genetic anomalies and is the only cat in recorded history to have been born with the rare bone disease osteopetrosis. Her status as a “perma-kitten” means she’ll remain kitten-sized for her entire life. Her limbs are disproportionately small compared to the rest of her body due to her extreme case of dwarfism, and she has 22 toes! The most memorable part about Lil Bub though, might be her extended tongue. Since her teeth never grew in, and she has an underbite, her tongue always hangs out.

Despite her unusual looks, Lil Bub is a healthy and happy cat living with her “dude” Mike Bridavsky who treats her like a queen. Since her rise to international fame, she’s now a published author, a talk show host, the star of an award-winning documentary, has released a Billboard-charting album, and has raised over $300,000 for animals in need through Lil BUB’s Big FUND for the ASPCA (the first national fund for special needs pets). She has over 2.5 million followers on Facebook, over a million followers on Instagram, and 65.6k+ on Twitter.

“If you want a pet, the best thing to do is adopt one,” Bridavsky says. “As a cat that I live with, [Lil Bub] is just remarkable. She’s a really special companion, and I’m very lucky to have her.”